Bathing Water Quality

Bathing water data supplied by INFORMARE project come directly from the “Water Portal” owned by the Ministry of Health.

According with the European guidelines, the Ministry of Health has developed the “Water Portal”, which aims to improve its information system, through the construction of a network, easily accessible and reachable by the public.

The “Water Portal” gives the following information:
“Italy is the European country with the highest number of bathing water, about a quarter of the total European ones: 5,518 total, of which 4,866 marine and 652 internal.”
From the Italian bathing water quality report in 2016 there is an improvement water quality in Italy, with a percentage of bathing waters of “excellent” and “good” quality classes equal to 95% of the total. The data assumes an even more significant significance considering that about 1/4 of the marine bathing waters in Europe are located in Italy, characterized by a strongly anthropized coast.
The annual report on bathing waters of the European Commission assesses the quality of bathing water in all 28 EU member states.
The Water Portal Bathing Waters section offers the possibility to view all the Italian bathing areas, with data on the monitoring of the current bathing season, the status of bathing in real time and the environmental information concerning the coastline profile of each individual area.

Here the access to the 2016 Italian bathing water quality report.