July 13: Informare-01 and Informare-02 stations start their activity

July 13: Informare-01 and Informare-02 stations start their activity


13 luglio 2018

Yesterday, 13 July 2018, the technicians of Proambiente S.c.r.l. in collaboration with the owners of the Bagno Serena (Lido di Pomposa, FE) , have installed the station number 01 and 02 for the monitoring of the Emilia-Romagna region coast inside the POR-FESR Informare Project.

The installation will acquire meteorological data every 2 minutes directly from the Milano Marittima beach in the next year. The station installed in the Club Milano continuously records data of:

 Air temperature;  Atmospheric pressure;  Relative humidity; Direction and intensity of the wind; Solar radiation; UV index.

In addition the Informare-02 station, installed at Lido di Pomposa, acquires the temperature of the sand.

Stations sensors have been calibrated before installation at the laboratories of Proambiente S.c.r.l. – CNR Technopole. The radiation sensor has been calibrated after a one-month comparative measurement campaign with a spectrometer of the ISAC-CNR institute in Bologna.

At present all the INFORMARE stations are connected to the applications developed inside the Informare project so the weather conditions measurements are available in real time to the Milano-Marittima, Rimini and Lido di Pomposa beach visitors using the “Informare Mobile” app.

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