Marine Model (ROMS)

The ROMS (Regional Ocean Modeling System) model is a numerical model that allows oceanographic forecasts across the Adriatic Sea at a horizontal resolution of 2 km and 20 vertical levels. The oceanographic model is coupled with a bio-geochemical model of NPDZ type (Nutrient Phytoplankton Zoo-plankton Detritus) which provides the status of the marine ecosystem and is able to predict the onset of phenomena such as algal blooms or the hypoxia / anoxia state of the water column.

The forecasting system is implemented at the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences (DiSVA) of the Marche Polytechnic University and provides a 72-hour forecast daily. The flows at the air-sea interface, which “force” the oceanographic model, are derived from the weather forecast of the COSMO model (ARPA Emilia Romagna).